Social Media & Restaurants: Facebook Fan Pages

We’ve created something that’s growing like a weed!

As with anything in business, don’t jump into something unless you’re prepared for it to be successful! Yup, you heard that right. On of the worst things you can do in business is to create something, watch it become successful and then realize you’re not ready to bring it to the 2.0 ( or the next level for you non-tech folks reading this).

We started a T-Bones & Cactus Jacks Facebook page.

We started our Facebook page nearly a year ago and it has grown to nearly 7,000 fans!

These fans not only love T-BONES & CJ’s, they are engaged and interact with us on nearly a daily basis. This takes work and time to manage and respond back. It has grown into a new marketing medium that needs to be monitored, managed and we are at the stage now where we are having strategizing meetings on how to continue to grow and give value to our customers.

Next up is Twitter. BUT I’m too afraid to grow that just yet for fear I won’t have the time to mage it. What to do? I’ll let you know in two weeks what I’ve planned to manage it and grow it and then on to Foursquare.

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Ning, LinkedIn, Geez, sounds like a bunch of Gobbledygook to some of us, but Social Media is here to stay and Great NH Restaurants has embraced it as part of our marketing strategy and company culture.