Lights, Temperature , Music & Cleanliness

LTMC – Lights, Temperature , Music & Cleanliness… I consider these atmospheric ingredients to be the price of entry of any restaurant who wants to be considered worthy of its guests hard earned dollars. Although rarely chosen as the #1 or even #2 reason why customers choose a restaurant as their favorite place to dine, one of these seemingly minor details can be the reason a customer looks past the outstanding service or incredible food.

Think back to this past summer during one of those hot and humid summer days where you were absolutely sweating bullets. You were looking forward to a nice cool restaurant. As you walked in, you though “hmmmmm, it’s a little cooler in here”. As you sit down in your cozy booth, you notice your hamstring muscle (your wearing shorts) sticking to the leather upholstered seating because of the sticky soda still left from the previous person. When your glass of water is poured, the humidity immediately creates drips of ‘dew’ on the outside of the glass that slides down and creates a nasty puddle on your table. You notice your server, although polite and sweet as can be, is… well… sweating. The entree arrives cooked perfectly, but all you can think of is getting back into your air conditioned car and getting the heck out of there! All the hard work of the server, the cook, the dishwasher and ultimately the restauranteur is all for not because the ‘atmosphere’, or in this case, the T (temperature) was too hot.

The same could be said for the music. Ever been to a restaurant where you simply cannot have a conversation because the music is too loud? Or worse, the music is too soft and the tables spaced too close together that you feel you have to whisper your conversation to your dining companion in order to protect your privacy. Or how about sitting at a table or bar seat and feeling as though you’re in an FBI interrogation room with the spot light shining down on you. Conversely, pulling out a pocket pen light to read the menu is always a romantic way to show your masculinity on a first date.

These are all things we take for granted when we dine in our favorite restaurants. In fact, sometimes when all four of these atmospheric imperatives are even slightly off, seemingly unaware customers may look back at their dining experience and think “something just wasn’t right, but I can’t put my finger on it”

Every business has their eye on details, but these particular details touch a very innate and inherit quality we all have as human beings. We are very aware of the world that effects our God given five senses. LTMC effects four of those five senses with TASTE being the final reason why people usually choose your restaurant. It’s why I feel LTMC is right at the very top of the list every day in our restaurant and I am continually pounding the drum to deliver the highest LTMC we can possibly give our customers. How’s your LTMC?