Showing Care, Understanding & Respect

A quick story on how to show Care, Understanding and respect for all the fine folks who keep our restaurants up and running.

“Mike the normal service guy for our Dishwashers was on vacation and our Beford T-BONES Dish Machine goes down in the middle of the rush…”

“Mike’s ‘boss’ Paul comes in and is on his back in the muck and mire of the dish area for most of the day… he arranges for a new motor to be delivered from Massachusetts, gets the machine up and running at 5:30pm – just getting busy”

“Now all the staff has been feeling the ‘pain’ of Hand washing all day (and night previous)…”

“Our head Kitchen Manager, Chris Volkman stops all the staff momentarily to give Paul the ‘stand in repairman’ a ‘Standing Ovation’ and thank you – as he finally is getting off his knees for essentially the first time of the day (finished successfully)!”

“Paul was floored… And the staff enjoyed doing it.”

Making an impression with Service providers, Department of Public Works, Police, Fire and any other public employees gives great reward to not only the ‘mechanic/crew/other’ say, but reflects our top notch ‘core values’ out into the public – significantly adding to fortitude of brand. Not to mention – speedy response nect time we need them!

Here’s my round of applause for you Chris Volkman!