Tom BoucherAfter the 3rd T-BONES opened in Bedford (1989), Tom and Mark collaborated to open Cactus Jack’s (CJ’s) in 1995 in Manchester, a 4th T-BONES in Derry in 2004 and the first ‘dual’ concept restaurant in New Hampshire, T-BONES and Cactus Jack’s on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia during 2007. Copper Door Restaurant was opened in 2011 and is quickly becoming a new fixture in Bedford.

On opening the new Copper Door Restaurant:

“When we started T-Bones… opening Cactus Jack’s was certainly very different, being a Southwestern restaurant, it was not quite as classic… it has a little more bar scene and obviously the foods were more Southwestern and a little more edgy.”

“There are many people out there who are kind of intimidated by the fine dining environment. Copper Door will be a place people can go on a Tuesday night get high-quality food and high-end service in an atmosphere that is more relaxed.”

– Tom Boucher , CEO GNHR